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Life leads you down paths you never envisioned...
"Discovered" at the age of 16, I was plucked from a school play and dropped onto a major television set. It was pretty amazing! The people, the cameras, the attention, the FOOD. The food was everywhere! "Craft Service," as they call it on set, is a never ending buffet of deliciousness. For a poor girl from Vancouver, "Craft Service" was heaven.
Yet many of the other female actresses avoided it. Why? I would soon find out.
While filming the second season of our hit show, the producer called me into his office. "You're fat," he said, "and the camera adds weight." My head started to spin. "It may be a good idea to focus on eating less." Is this why eating disorders were so common in Hollywood?
Acting is a roller coaster and within a year I was itching to try something else. Without a college education, I booked a one-way trip to Europe with a debit card, week's worth of clothes, and two books on nutrition. The gamble paid off.
On my second day in Paris, a chef took me under his wing. Within the month, I was apprenticing ("staging") throughout Europe, filling notebook after notebook with observations of this beautiful and fascinating art-form.
With new-found passion and knowledge, I returned to America in search of a kitchen. My obsession with food had driven me out of Hollywood and it was now bringing me back.
Good fortune struck again and I found a part-time job with a private chef service in Beverly Hills. Endless nights passed chopping celery, onions and carrots for the rich and famous. Dog-eared recipe books stacked-up in my apartment and my own style began to take shape. Not only had I learning to cook beautiful and delicious food, but I had learned the art of nutritious cooking. Food could fatten or it could slim. It could depress or it could energize. It could control or it could be controlled. In my hands, food was a force for good.
Today, I am a successful Private Chef in Los Angeles and work with well-known actors and Hollywood personalities. I cook nutritious, healthy food in a "fine-dining style." As a former actor, I relate to my clients' professional challenges. I work with them to improve their health, happiness, and body image. They know that what they eat matters. The meals I serve heal and empower. By focusing on what we should eat, instead of what we shouldn't eat, we can change the way we look at weight loss entirely.
Healthy cooking is my gift. Now it's time to share my gift with you.

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